Another Gratitude Blog-this one is about those little things!

You can’t swing a snow shovel these days without hitting an article about Gratitude. (And the snow shovels are swinging in Northern Minnesota these days, let me tell ya!) They tell us to slow down, be in the moment, count our blessings and PRACTICE GRATITUDE EVERY DAY. But, it’s the time of year where we all rush around to shop and clean and cook and travel to visit family and friends with high expectations of ourselves and others. We have read the articles and vowed to slow down and practice more gratitude but then there is a snow storm and we struggle to get shoveled out and to places on time, if we can make it at all, school is canceled, we forgot to buy eggs, the kids have a melt down, the pets are going stir crazy and we would be grateful for a few extra minutes to just have the time to think about being grateful. I know, right?? Who are all of these zen people with their gratitude journals and time to write in them?  But here is what I think, start little! For every “challenge” in your life, I challenge YOU to think of three LITTLE things about it you are grateful for… I’ll start, so you know I’m just not another one of those preachy self-help-y people.

I started this blog last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, the day of our first big snowstorm this week. I got myself and my little minivan good and stuck twice trying to get to work. One of the times I blocked the way for a bunch of people in nice cars that have 4 wheel drive and if only I had been behind them, they would have been happy and well on their way. But, no, they were stuck crawling past me or waiting for me to find traction and get the heck back down the hill and out of their way.

Here are three things that I’m grateful for in that situation… 1. None of them saw me swearing and crying so I have a tiny bit of my dignity left. 2. My job and boss are amazing and understanding and are ok with me working from the relative safety of my home instead (ok, I did manage to burn my lunch pizza a little but noone was hurt) 3. Noone was hurt! Someone could’ve been hurt or my car could’ve been damaged but all is well.  4. (I found a 4th thing!) I HAVE a car! I am so fortunate to be able to afford a car that runs and has heat and insurance and gas and so I’m pretty darn lucky.

Now, that wasn’t so hard. I hardly feel stressed out about it at all anymore.

You might wonder what this has to do with Northern Communities Credit Union? Well, aside from us just generally caring about your well being, NCCYou has that same philosophy of celebrating the little things. Every interaction with our members is a little thing that has great importance. We started in 1928 as a place for the city and county employees to own their own money and join together for the greater good of the whole. We are the same today, a place where your money is safe and your best interests are protected by the greater good of the credit union mission. We aren’t big, but we have all of the little things you need to be successful- from our online banking and mobile app, a staff of dedicated professionals that are here to help you and the products you need to get that home, car or retirement fund. You might have financial set backs but we are grateful you choose us to help you get through those little things in life. We are grateful for YOU.

Three days after the first storm, we got another storm that dumped 24 inches of snow in 24 hours. I didn’t try to drive anywhere but shoveling out was NOT the most fun way to spend a day. The dog wasn’t much help but she sure was cute! Just as we were finishing up, the sky exploded in beautiful pinks and reds, almost like a reward or maybe just an apology from Mother Nature. I was sure grateful for that. Whether or not you write them down daily or just try to take a minute to recognize them, we hope you find some things to be grateful for today too.

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