Kids these days…

Kids!  You either have one (or more), you know one, or you at least want the ones you don’t know to succeed in life. (You know, the future and all of that.)  But it can be hard to talk to them and teach them about “boring” subjects like money.  Times have really changed since the days of learning how to balance a check register in your 3rd grade economics class.  The next generation won’t be doing much of that- they will be taking advantage of technology and will be doing all of their banking through mobile apps. We had better get ready to provide them with the fundamentals of money management before they find out wrong information or get sucked into predatory lending and misleading marketing online. Sounds scary, we know. But we are here to help you!  In addition to providing our adult members with Financial Education and products that are designed to better their lives, it is our (and every Financial Institution’s) responsibility to make sure that every child has the best chance at a happy and healthy financial future as well.  So, how do we do that?  It can be hard to get them to eat a vegetable or go to bed at a reasonable time, we know.  So we have designed a really cool program to take the burden off of you and get those kiddos excited about saving, sharing, and spending money in a healthy way.

No veggies in the Earnie the Eagle backpack, we promise.

Starting April 1st, we are debuting our new NCCYou Youth Program….. with interactive games, prizes and just all around fun things to get kids excited.  When they come and open their share savings account they are presented with an Earnie the Eagle backpack that has some educational stuff and a super fun map to chart their journey towards reaching their goals!  There will be activities, characters, information, and prizes along the way. A goal in the near future will be to have an “Education Station” set up for kids and adults alike with educational videos and materials available for those questions that you have about money issues and wouldn’t dare ask Wells Fargo the answer to. (You’d end up with three new credit cards and a mortgage you didn’t apply for.)

This bunny won’t be there but we all need to look at him anyway.

And, we are planning a really fun event to kick it all off. We all need something extra fun after that long winter! Join us on Saturday April 4 for an Easter Egg Hunt! There will be snacks (perhaps some veggies, sorry kids), prizes, an appearance by Earnie the Eagle and many many eggs full of treats hidden around our branch locations in both Duluth and Virginia. Please go to and click on the link to register for your location-we would hate to not have enough so are hoping for an approximate count.

As always, we are here for YOU and here for your kids too! Stop by or call anytime to get those kiddos on the right path to financial success.

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